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2011-03-17 21:07:07 by 5Gofmadness

i just relized that people dont want to hear incomplete song so i will spend all night finishing this song. sorry for the post earlier..

hello everyone

2011-03-17 20:10:35 by 5Gofmadness

i am making a small song to cheer me up. Till the end of Dawn. using the power of 3xocs on Fl studio we will take a small journey to a distance party at sunrise. on the down side i will keep improving this song untill it make even the music making god party to it but untill then here we go.

well it been a long time since i have made or posted anything... so here is my next song uses degrade so here is nothing.


2010-05-02 20:33:22 by 5Gofmadness

MADNESS has returned and will now be working on songs and videos.
I anticipate the first song / video/ or photos posting will be done within this month.